What Type of Safari Should you Choose? A Guide

Safaris have long been a popular choice for tourists from across the world, with destinations such as Africa and India providing plenty of destinations where animals reign supreme. But with so many types of safari on offer, which one is best suited to you? Here’s a brief guide to help you decide.

A Walking Safari

One of the most popular choices, a walking safari is magical in the sense that there’s nothing between you and your surroundings. You’re completely immersed in the plains, exploring them of your own accord, wading through tall grass and through sprawling parks all the while observing beautiful animals.

Although you may not get a chance to see every animal you want to with a walking safari – it’s difficult to cover a large area on your own two feet – you will get a chance to take more time to absorb your surroundings. Choose a walking safari if you want something more relaxed and considerably easier.

A Luxury Escape

Luxury safaris are the one to choose if you’re seeking an ultimate, once-in-a-lifetime experience. You’ll find gorgeous luxury accommodation in and around almost every renowned safari spot in Africa, including the major players such as Tanzania’s Serengeti and Kenya’s Maasai Mara.

A luxury safari is the one to choose if your budget isn’t a problem, and if you’re looking for a comfortable, lavish escape. Expect swimming pools, bars, restaurants with traditional African food and many other luxuries that you won’t get from any other type of safari.

Guided Safaris

First time experiencing a safari? A guided tour is probably the best option for you. By having a guide during your safari, you’ll learn all about the area you’re exploring, the animals you’re observing and you’ll be shown all of the very best places you may have missed otherwise.

A guided safari is also a wise option for travelers with disabilities or medical conditions. This way, you’ll always have someone with you who knows the area inside out and can assist in case of any form of emergency.

Self-Driving Safaris

If you’re courageous enough to go about your safari alone, then a self-driving safari is a great option. You’ll cover more land than you would on foot, and you’ll also have the independence of guiding yourself through your destination.

A self-driving safari is a great option if you’re a seasoned traveller with safari experience – as well as a good driver. You’ll also need to do a lot of planning ahead, including things such as timings and photography opportunities, so that you can cover all of the areas you want to see without complications. Bring a map, too. Getting lost is way too common for those choosing this type of safari.

Air Safaris

For a very unique safari experience, an air safari is your best bet. An air safari will see you take to the skies in order to see the plains and forests beneath you – there’s no better way to witness experiences such as the Great Migration than from a bird eye’s view.

An air safari is a great choice for tourists who like to do things differently. It’s also a calmer, more tranquil approach to safaris than the alternatives listed above – there’s something very peaceful about gliding through the skies, observing the beauty of nature beneath you.

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