Where to Travel this Autumn – 4 Travel Ideas

Are you thinking of heading away at some point this year? Autumn might be a time when the kids are thinking about heading back to school, but it doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to a holiday.

If you’ve got the urge to take a trip away during this mild period of the year, here are four destinations which could be perfect.

1.     Kenya

Kenya has become famed for the amazing safari tours they offer, as well as a consistent climate which allows travelers the chance to explore the region through the course of the entire year.

As Trip Savvy highlight, the average temperature for Kenya remains at no lower than 21 degrees Celsius and no higher than 26 at any point of the year. These constant temperatures make travel a realistic possibility at any point.

2.     Tel-Aviv

The Israeli capital of Tel-Aviv remains hot later than most, with the summer temperatures continuing on all the way through to November. With several strips of coast to be found throughout the nation, you’ll be able to relax on golden sands throughout the Autumn months.

Despite not being something you’d naturally associate with the country, Israel has several idyllic beaches for travellers to explore and enjoy. From Bora Bore to Gordon, you’ll be able to find somewhere to lay down your towel and pick up the tan of a lifetime.  

Lisbon, Portugal

3.     Lisbon

As one of the hottest cities in average in Europe, Lisbon stands out as the perfect spot for travellers looking for an autumnal escape. The Portuguese capital can’t be overlooked, with kayaking, surfing and horse riding all available for travellers to get involved with.

What’s more, prices are some of the cheapest in the continent, with food and drink easily affordable – regardless of budget. For anyone looking for a cheap getaway which still offers luxury and class, Lisbon is the perfect city.

4.     The US

 With over 500 theme parks to choose from, as outlined by 1Cover, a trip to the US in cooler climates might be right up your ally. With 50 states, each offering their own form of diverse culture, you’ll be able to find something which perfectly suits your idea of a perfect trip away.

From the Midwest to Texas, to New York, you’ll have a varied choice of activities to dive headfirst into.

Inspired for your next trip away? Keep these four autumnal destinations in mind. You may end up having the trip of a lifetime.

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