Ditch The Map And Visit These 5 Strangest Places In America That Will Blow Your Mind

America: A Country Within A Continent

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The highlights of the United States need no introduction, for both domestic and international travelers. New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Vegas are all locations known around the world.

It is no mystery as to why the US stands as one of the most popular travel destinations in the world for all types of travelers. But, the sad fact is that the spotlight on these cities often takes attention away some of the more unknown beauties of the USA.

America is one of the largest countries in the world, and one of the most diverse in terms of climate and culture. This means it has a huge diversity in scenery and history to explore. The concrete jungles seen in most travel brochures are only a tiny piece of the USA.

So, we decided to put together a list of some of the best, yet underrated places to visit on your next trip around the USA. This can be used by both US citizens looking for a new place to travel for lower cost, or international travelers looking for a truly unique US holiday.

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  1. Oregon Coast, Oregon

    On a clear and sunny day on the Oregon Coast, you'll struggle to tell if you're in the USA or somewhere in Southeast Asia. The seas stacks and cliffs give this coast the most unique look in the USA. If you think San Francisco was a scenic coastal city, you should see the Oregon Coast.

    The long stretch to this coast, and the quiet countryside surrounding it, also mean you can easily drive the length of it and enjoy it in peace and quiet.

  2. Dripping Springs, Texas

    Home to the Hamilton Pool Preserve, Dripping Springs is one of the most scenic areas in the world. This region is characterized by clear lakes, gushing rivers, and green forestry. It stands in stark contrast to the image most travelers have of the USA and Texas.

    The desert and concrete jungles are nowhere to be found. Instead, Greenland takes its place. The tranquility of this region is almost unmatched too. Be warned though, this peaceful environment comes at a price. The Hamilton Pool Preserve, for example, limits its visitors to preserve nature and wildlife. Local restaurants and stores can often be expensive around here too.  

  3. Black Rock City, Nevada (during Burning Man)

    There is a big factor which makes this city such an underrated must-see for travelers: It doesn't formally exist.

    Black Rock City is a makeshift town built specifically for the Burning Man event. While many American travelers have likely heard of this event, it is far lesser known to international journeymen.

    Burning Man is a celebration of creativity and art. The event lasts a few days and usually has an overarching theme. Participants come to help build the city and carry out activities, which you'll often be expected to partake in should you visit. This is a truly unique experience, unlike any other in other parts of the world.

    Just make sure you book a ticket online first and do your homework on how to get there. This destination really takes “off the beaten track” to a new level.

  4. Hulett, Wyoming

    This may be a little more well-known by domestic travelers due to the famous ‘Devil’s Tower.’ This mountain butte rises nearly 400 meters above sea-level and is the first to be declared as a national monument.

    This is not the only thing to see in Hulett though. The wide open plains, prairie wildlife, and old-time towns are a huge dose of old American culture. So, for those looking for a Western-styled trio, Hulett is something to add to your itinerary.

  5. St. Simon's Island

    For those who like secluded beach trips that are off the beaten track, St. Simon’s Island is an ideal spot. The island sitting just off the coast of Georgia has a number of different islands close by and is easier to access than most other island destinations. Good weather and scenery offer an ideal setting for a beach holiday. It’s also not too far from the Caribbean, meaning you could pop down to a Turks-Caicos resort in a heartbeat for even more sun and sand.

    It also features an iconic lighthouse which dates back as far as before the Civil War. So, the culture will not be lacking here either.