What to Eat, See, and Do in New Orleans

In New Orleans, a city rich in history and culture, we stuck to the tried and true sights and attractions. Though perhaps unoriginal, it was not uninspired; New Orleans is a tourist destination for good reason! We tried the famous foods, walked the French Quarter, listened to live music, saw the historical sites and marveled at the architecture. We even took a tour of the bayous via kayaks.

NOLA’s Famous Foods

Getting beignets at Cafe Du Monde is likely one of most tourists’ first stops in New Orleans and the beignets are still arguably the best in town, even after 150 years. Order the famous beignets with a cup of cafe au lait- coffee and milk roasted with chicory root. They only accept cash but the donuts and coffee will only set you back $6, which isn’t too bad for a tourist trap.

If you are interested in the cajun and creole cuisine of New Orleans checkout this extensive guide detailing their famous and unique dishes: Click Here for Descriptions of all of New Orleans Food

Touring the Cemeteries and Garden District with Two Chicks Walking Tour

We spent 2.5 hours walking through a historic Cemetery and the Garden District. We learned about the customs and history of various death-related practices.

Afterwards we walked among the gorgeous houses in the Garden District. The neighborhood received its name during the era when the deceased were disposed of in the Mississippi river. The smell was overpowering, so the locals planted fragrant flowers to mask the odor.

An Afternoon in the Bayou with New Orleans Swamp Tour

If you’re looking for a reprieve from the city, the swamp and bayou tour is a great opportunity to get outside and kayak your way through Southern Louisiana’s waterways. The dark brackish water creates an almost perfect mirror-like reflective surface adding to the tranquility of the tour. It’s a great tour for nature and bird-lovers alike.

Our guide was not only knowledgeable, but passionate about the local flora and fauna. He infused facts with stories throughout the duration two-hour tour. We learned about native wildlife and deepened our understanding of the delicate and rapidly disappearing ecosystem.