Flying Home: Jan-5-2014

Today is the last day of my travels, which mostly consists of my connecting flight to Philadelphia via London.  I woke up and had to re-pack my bag.  I don't think too much about it any more--I have been living out of a bag for a month and have a place for everything in my bag.  It's very important to to have a strategy when packing.  Otherwise you will be looking forever for the item(s) you need.  Also, it's important to have fragile stuff protected.   For example, I have my toilet paper on an outside mesh pocket, which is easy to reach for when I'm in need for a bush break.  My documentation, that isn't on my person, does not need to be as accessable becuase if I'm in dire need for backup paperwork I likely have the time to reach inside my bag for it.  I have my first aid, pancho, towels, overnight bag protector, chlorine dioxide water treatment drops, etc. all in exterior pockets.


The bottom of my bag holds my my travel pillow in it's compression sack.  The top of my bag, which has a strap-on modular hip sack holds my toilettries, some of my electrical cables/adaptors, and some 5 hour energy drinks, which I took with me on my trip only to proving to be a complete waste of weight.  I have my Maasai 'Seme' Warriar Lion's Blade/Sword in my bag carefully protected next to my hand made oil painting depicting Maasai men jumping.  My carved figures are also packed inside my bag, alongside my dirty laungry bag filled with all the clothes I brought with me.  I have my pair of thongs in my bag as well.  This was all--or mostly all--the stuff I brought along with me.


After only a 20 minute drive Kim dropped me off at British Airways around 8:25.  I hugged her goodbye and told her we needed to keep in touch.  She told me that when/if I travel and happen to find myself in Amsterdam that I shouldn't hessitate to look her up--I won't.


It took me a long time to get my boarding passes...even though I had checked-in the day before I did not have my boarding passes with me.  The self-help terminal wasn't working for many people so we had to wait in a single line.  When I finally got to the counter she told me I had to go somewhere else to drop my bags off as they were 'over-sized'.


More security, more passport and ticket checks....finally at the gate...quick flight to London.  Even though I was taking a connecting flight I had to re-enter the security line and go through this shit all over again.  I went to the bathroom and had a snack.


On my flight to London I sat next to a man living in the western suburbs of Philly.  He's orinally from Ghana and has an ex-wife in London.  His new wife and children all live in Philly.  We talked for well over an hour about career paths.  His oldest son is a mechanical engineer who currently works for Accenture in London.  His younger son thinks he wants to go into medicine but my 'new friend' told me he's trying to explain to him that it's important to keep options open.  Having multiple degrees, taking a variety of jobs, working in jobs which grow/expand your talent(s) are important.  We discuss how much money is 'enough'.  It was an interesting conversation at the very least.

I got a kosher meal, because I had ordered it when I booked the ticket several months ago.  I had salmon, a sweet roll, some fruit, and rice w/ lamb.  It was amazing.  I'm watching World War Z right now--It's barely holding my Attention.  I've had three bottles of red wine, though the last one I accidentally spilled during my trip back from the restroom.  I also took a small dose of Xanax.  I thought the few glasses of alcohol would help me sleep, but I'm too scared to take a larger dosage of Xanax...but that's just me, better safe than sorry.


It's 10:45 eastern time and I should be touching down in Philly within 5 hours.  What a great trip I had.


Cannot wait next year when I WILL take my 12 month RTW trip!