Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: (Day 11) Dec-21-2013

A Very Poor Night's Sleep in Mikumi, Tanzania
Last night was probably the worst ever...the sleeping part at least.  It was so hot yet I had so sleep inside my sleeping bag because the mosquitos were everywhere.  I was sweating outside, imagine how I felt inside a place with poor ventilation and inside an insulated sleeping bag.  What made things even worse was that I had a black mosquito net wrapped around my face and neck.  I applied my 12 hour 'bug spray' lotion on my face, neck, and arms liberally.  After the heat became too much to bare I finally took my arms outside of the bag.  I took my mosquito net off my face every so often to cool down, but this didn't work.  I was so uncomfortable--sweating, too hot to even consider sleeping.  I just wanted it to end.  Somehow I finally got to sleep around 2, though I was well awake before 4.  2 hours of sleep--it will have to do.  Cara was kind enough to invite Stephanie and me to sleep in her room.  Stephanie took the other bed and I took the ground.

The accommodated (people in rooms) had an included breakfast, while us 4 campers had to resort to bread and cereal...again!  I sat with Sonia and Hans and skipped breakfast.  Unfortunately by the time I made it back to the bus Godfrey and Tabby had already packed away the lunch material for the day...we had to pack our own lunches today since it would be a long day on the bus.  FUCK!  No breakfast and no lunch today...this will be rough.

Driving Through Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
After 30 minutes or so we stopped to refill on Petrol.  I went into the gas station and picked up the only food that I saw.  3 Dairy Milk bars (2 small, 1 large), a Snickers bar,  and a small pack of cashew nuts.  Within 15 minutes I had eaten two of the smaller Dairy Milks, the Snickers Bar, and the cashews...not my proudest moment.

I took some Xanax (.75mg) and within an hour I was asleep.  I drifted off and on (most on) for the next 6 hours.  I was awoken from the immense noise emanating from the streets.  We had made it to Dar es Salaam.  It was ~1:00pm.  We had to drop Ann Marie, Hans, and Sonia off at their hotel--they were leaving the tour here.  We were going to pick up 3 or 4 new people tomorrow at the lodge that we are staying at here in Dar es Salaam.  They will be with us through Nairobi.

Driving Through Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
It took several hours to traverse the city's less than enjoyable traffic.  We did, however, manage to sneak in a 30 minute stroll in the city while Godfrey bought the ferry tickets to Zanzibar.  I believe that Zanzibar will have wireless internet...WOW, what a luxury!

It's gotta be among the hottest days here in Africa--we are closer to the equator so that makes sense.  Must be 100+ degrees and ultra-humid.

I have been thinking a lot about the logistics of when I take my RTW trip in the coming years.  Certain things are going to be a challenge.  Some things I've been considering are--how to get 12 months of Rxs, dealing with my 'stuff' back at home, finding a job and health insurance pending my arrival back home, etc.

It's about 3:15pm now and we're still driving.  Since we left at 6:00am sharp this morning 9 hours on this hot non-air conditioned bus is a nuisance.

Bungalow at Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
I talked with Paul (the Aussie) a bit.  He was telling me that he had taken a year off to travel with his, now, wife.  We discussed all the places he visited.  He told me their original plans were to go for 2 years but after a year they had grown a bit tired of living out of a bag.  Both he, and his wife Erika, are Psychiatrists...along with Cara.  They seem to travel a bunch with their children.  They've been to Vietnam, Borneo, India, Egypt, and a few other places--all with their children.  This is the lifestyle I am striving for.

Hopefully we can get to our campsite before 4:30 so that we can enjoy the cooler sun prior to its setting.  I think an upgrade is in order for me tonight.  Last night it was $50/room which I thought was a bit much, so I opted out.  However the showers were very nice, even if the water had little/no pressure and there were no lights.

Inside Bungalow at Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Arrived around 4:30pm.  I upgraded to a small bungalow for $8.  It is mostly just a wooden cabin with a thatched roof.  The only materials used are wood--holes in the wall for windows, gaps in the constructions of the entire cabin.  There is enough room for a small a animal to sneak under my door.  It's a bit hot so I'm leaving the door open.  We have wooden fences around our lodges.  We're about 40 feet from the Indian Ocean.  I didn't have a chance to go in today, but will once I'm in Zanzibar.

When I arrived I did laundry...all my clothing was dirty.  I laid my clothing on my cabin roof to dry.  Dinner sucked...again.  It feels like I'm in college again.  Godfrey is really getting out of my nerves.  I can't quite put my finger on it, but some of the other people felt similarly.

We have to wake up early to leave by 6:00am sharp tomorrow.  We catch the ferry to Zanzibar at 9:30am tomorrow.  Sorry for the short entry, it's 11:30pm and I'm tired.


Drying Clothes Atop My Bungalow at Dar es Salaam, Tanzania