Jodhpur to Udaipur

Last Night in Jodhpur
Last night we went out to eat last night at a very nice restaurant called "On The Rocks". There was a reserved room waiting for us. This room was stacked with plush couches and the walls were made to look like rocks as if we were inside a cave. There was a color TV and western music was being played loudly. This was a VERY rich place. We arrived around 7:15 and many of us were quite hungry, but we were only having drink now and had to wait for the table. We waited over 1 hour and 15 minutes. By the time we finally ordered we had all decided what each of us were ordering. I got Mutton Ra-Ra and it was did I miss the taste of meat.

Udaipur, India
The next morning (today) I woke up at half past 6:00 and packed my bags...AGAIN! We hailed auto-rickshaws and went to the bus stop. We left Jodhpur at 7:30 sharp and were on our way to Udaipur. We made one 15 minute stop around noon for the bathroom and some snacks. I asked where the bathrooms where and a man said anywhere and made a hand gesture pointing all around. I took a leak to the right of a food stall with my back facing the bus. Others went to urinate as well, but in front of me...staring at me as they walked past. We then boarded the bus again and drove until half past 3. I sat next to Deb, who had a window seat. We moved up a row immediately since we noticed, by the rancid smell, a splatter of vomit on the window beside us. I took a sleeping pill immediately and got a good hours sleep (at most). I read the last 200 pages in my book and listened to at least 60 Dave Matthews Band songs. I have never read that many pages in one sitting before. The book turned our to very insightful and I'm glad I read it during my travels in India. I recommend you all read it. It was called "The White Tiger" in case you forgot and it won some 2008 book award. It made me think about my driver in Delhi, Mr. Kamal, and it makes me very sad. O well. I'm in Udaipur right now and it's very nice. Much more touristy than the other cities we've been to so far. I actually see other white people here. I'm thinking about buying some journals and maybe a new hookah, but the shipping may make any purchase pointless. It's much hotter here in the south. We are staying in a hotel that is right on the lake. We have a rooftop restaurant that is 5 or 6 floors up, so the view is great. Our room has plenty of space, but the bathroom is far from luxurious. There is just a bottom part of a toilet and we have to manually flush the toilet by filling a plastic jug with water and repeatedly pouring water into the bowl. I don't mind at all. I think I am going to plan my next trip around the United States. I think it would a great experience to backpack around the 'middle' states, maybe a feel a motorcycle/camping trip coming my way?

Anyways, here are pics the sights that are in Udaipur, India:
The Lake Palace (see picture above left)
The Taj Lake Palace (see picture above right)