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Medellin, Colombia

I love traveling.  Although I have been to many places I have never been away for more than a few months.  I have backpacked through SE Asia, India, Africa and parts of Europe.  I've also hiked 100s of miles here in the states (through 8 national parks and segments of the Appalachian trail).  I first became interested in traveling in 2009 when I backpacked SE Asia, India, and Ireland for 10 week just after finishing graduate school for biomedical engineering.

I'm 30 years old and grew up in Cleveland, Ohio.  I  studied in Michigan, lived in Memphis, TN and most recently call Philadelphia my home.  I've been living in the city of Brotherly Love since the beginning of 2012 and I absolutely love it here!  I have made great friends all over the world and cherish every one--even if I don't see/speak to them regularly.



Medellin, Colombia


Hi! I’m Sylvie and am originally from Philadelphia, Pa. I’m a certified elementary school teacher and have worked in elementary education, early childhood education and early intervention.

I love hiking, yoga, traveling and finding adventures around the world. I believe traveling is the single greatest contributor to self-discovery and growth. I look forward to seeing new countries and creating life long memories across the globe. 

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